14/100: Virtual Pet


I had three of these Virtual pets when I was younger. My first was a dinosaur egg shaped device and it hatched a dinosaur. My second was a barn with a barn door for the screen cover, and it hatched barn animals. My last was a Gigapet and it was a puppy.

The Gigapet dog was probably my most favourite one. My childhood friend has the Gigapet cat, and we used to tie our Gigapets on our hoodie strings and wore them like necklaces. Then one day we were playing in a huge ball pit and my friend’s Gigapet came off and got lost in the sea of balls. Haha! I think we spent a good amount of time diving in to search for that little device.

This one pictured here is my first and only Tamagotchi, I am having so much fun with it. Really takes me back to my childhood days. I’ve always liked this simple pixel version more than the newer ones that have coloured screens and aren’t as small as they used to be.

This is my last design in the childhood toys series, and I’m planning to do either a fall/winter theme or a camera series after this.

12/100: Capsule Machine (aka Gachapon)


These were my obsession of my teenage years. I really loved them and had so many keychains, toys and random charms from these capsule machines. I had so much of the capsules that I just return them to the shop. My favourites have to be the mini capsule machine that actually work, turn the little knob and a mini capsule pops out the bottom and the capsules open too. My mind is blown, I love these japanese toys!

My cross stitched version is pink and has kitty prizes! Usually I only like one or two of the prizes and play it multiple times till I get the one I want, and give the extras away.

I am thinking of compiling all the designs I have created into a book and someday get it published so then everyone can try their hand at stitching. Just a small dream for now!

11/100: Claw Machine


I love the prizes from these claw machines but I have incredibly bad luck with them (or maybe I just suck at catching!) and almost always go home empty handed, otherwise I probably would have spent a lot just to catch something. Then we would leave and console ourselves by saying the machines are rigged! But these machines are still fun, partly the reason why I like arcades.

Eitherways, I have cats in my claw machine, which are you hoping to catch??

10/100: Gum Ball Machine


If you’ve been following me on Instagram (http://instagram.com/hersweetembrace), I shared that I had my first taste of gum at age 4. Bubblegum was not sold in Singapore back then, and I always thought it was just candy. I swallowed it because nobody told me to spit it out! So for the longest time I thought the gum was stuck in my intestines forever..

I never had bubblegum anymore until the last few years and that was when I learnt how to actually blow a bubble from the gum, made me feel like a kid again.



9/100: Halloween Bat

Back when I was in Singapore, Halloween wasn’t that big of a thing, other than the usual scarefests at Universal Studios and costume parties at the clubbing areas. There wasn’t trick or treating, even though the supermarkets still sold Halloween candy.


I took a break from designing cross stitched toys to make this Halloween bat. I hope you all had a spooky Halloween!

November is now here, I am preparing for Hello Love Handmade’s Marketplace that I’ll be selling my Etch-a-Sketch cross stitched pin for a discounted price. My item will be on sale at the Marketplace from 21 November for 1 week only.

8/100: View-Master Reel


What’s a View-Master without the reel right? I found these Dennis the Menace reels in an antique shop. I also found Alice In Wonderland reels on ebay and I am pleased to say I won the bid on the reels and I’m now waiting to receive them in mail. It was a close fight, I almost lost out on it. Phew!

For the film on the reel, I used sparkly black thread that has hints of red, blue and gold in it. Seriously one of the coolest colours ever, but these threads are so hard to work with. I don’t think these sparkly threads are made to be sewn for large designs, they are more for adding details. Eitherways, I think they make my cross stitched reel look more realistic, don’t you think?


I have turned this View-Master and reel into collar pins and they are available to buy from my Etsy shop: View-Master & Reel Pins