14/100: Virtual Pet


I had three of these Virtual pets when I was younger. My first was a dinosaur egg shaped device and it hatched a dinosaur. My second was a barn with a barn door for the screen cover, and it hatched barn animals. My last was a Gigapet and it was a puppy.

The Gigapet dog was probably my most favourite one. My childhood friend has the Gigapet cat, and we used to tie our Gigapets on our hoodie strings and wore them like necklaces. Then one day we were playing in a huge ball pit and my friend’s Gigapet came off and got lost in the sea of balls. Haha! I think we spent a good amount of time diving in to search for that little device.

This one pictured here is my first and only Tamagotchi, I am having so much fun with it. Really takes me back to my childhood days. I’ve always liked this simple pixel version more than the newer ones that have coloured screens and aren’t as small as they used to be.

This is my last design in the childhood toys series, and I’m planning to do either a fall/winter theme or a camera series after this.


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