12/100: Capsule Machine (aka Gachapon)


These were my obsession of my teenage years. I really loved them and had so many keychains, toys and random charms from these capsule machines. I had so much of the capsules that I just return them to the shop. My favourites have to be the mini capsule machine that actually work, turn the little knob and a mini capsule pops out the bottom and the capsules open too. My mind is blown, I love these japanese toys!

My cross stitched version is pink and has kitty prizes! Usually I only like one or two of the prizes and play it multiple times till I get the one I want, and give the extras away.

I am thinking of compiling all the designs I have created into a book and someday get it published so then everyone can try their hand at stitching. Just a small dream for now!


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