8/100: View-Master Reel


What’s a View-Master without the reel right? I found these Dennis the Menace reels in an antique shop. I also found Alice In Wonderland reels on ebay and I am pleased to say I won the bid on the reels and I’m now waiting to receive them in mail. It was a close fight, I almost lost out on it. Phew!

For the film on the reel, I used sparkly black thread that has hints of red, blue and gold in it. Seriously one of the coolest colours ever, but these threads are so hard to work with. I don’t think these sparkly threads are made to be sewn for large designs, they are more for adding details. Eitherways, I think they make my cross stitched reel look more realistic, don’t you think?


I have turned this View-Master and reel into collar pins and they are available to buy from my Etsy shop: View-Master & Reel Pins


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