7/100: View-Master


If I remember correctly, I owned one View-Master but I don’t remember what the reel was. Eitherways, I no longer have mine, it was given away. But I found two of them at fleamarkets, and I based my 7th cross stitch design on this red one.


This one was made in the 70s, it is red on one side and white on the other side. Very good condition if you ask me! I love the pop of blue for the turn button, the one I had was orange.


I also bought this black Sawyer one, made of a sturdier plastic. I believe it was made in the 40s, and still in very good condition.


I actually have never seen this one before and was very pleased to find them at the fleamarket for a reasonable price. I’m now on the lookout for vintage Disney View-Master reels!

Someday I want to pass these on to my children and I hope they would enjoy playing with these toys that I used to play in my childhood, these View-Masters are so fragile now that I’m not sure if they’ll stand up to vigorous play..



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