8/100: View-Master Reel


What’s a View-Master without the reel right? I found these Dennis the Menace reels in an antique shop. I also found Alice In Wonderland reels on ebay and I am pleased to say I won the bid on the reels and I’m now waiting to receive them in mail. It was a close fight, I almost lost out on it. Phew!

For the film on the reel, I used sparkly black thread that has hints of red, blue and gold in it. Seriously one of the coolest colours ever, but these threads are so hard to work with. I don’t think these sparkly threads are made to be sewn for large designs, they are more for adding details. Eitherways, I think they make my cross stitched reel look more realistic, don’t you think?


I have turned this View-Master and reel into collar pins and they are available to buy from my Etsy shop: View-Master & Reel Pins


7/100: View-Master


If I remember correctly, I owned one View-Master but I don’t remember what the reel was. Eitherways, I no longer have mine, it was given away. But I found two of them at fleamarkets, and I based my 7th cross stitch design on this red one.


This one was made in the 70s, it is red on one side and white on the other side. Very good condition if you ask me! I love the pop of blue for the turn button, the one I had was orange.


I also bought this black Sawyer one, made of a sturdier plastic. I believe it was made in the 40s, and still in very good condition.


I actually have never seen this one before and was very pleased to find them at the fleamarket for a reasonable price. I’m now on the lookout for vintage Disney View-Master reels!

Someday I want to pass these on to my children and I hope they would enjoy playing with these toys that I used to play in my childhood, these View-Masters are so fragile now that I’m not sure if they’ll stand up to vigorous play..


6/100: Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket was one of the childhood toys that I collected the most of, I think I had over 20 of them, however most of them have been given away. Lucky for me, my mum kept some of mine because they are super rare to find these days.

I went to the Antiques Show in Pickering and found this set for only 10CAD, unfortunately it was missing the ballerina doll.


I actually didn’t have this set when I was a child, so I was really happy to have come across this one. I love how to stairs fold out when you open it and theres a little dial to twirl the ballerina on. So precious isn’t it?

4/100: Toy Camera


This Fisher Price toy camera works like a Viewmaster, it came with three discs that you can insert and view the stories through the back. I’m hoping to start a Camera series after this, let me know in the comments if you have any camera requests that you’d like to see be made into cross stitch!

3/100: Water Ring Toss


There were variations of this game, but mostly the point of it was to press the button to swirl the water inside and get the colourful hoops on to the sticks. These were the kind of handheld games I played with when I was child.

2/100: Etch-a-sketch

I love retro toys because they were what I grew up playing with. I have decided to start my challenge based on retro and vintage toys, and here is #2/100: the Etch-a-sketch!


My bestfriend found this most adorable mini Etch a Sketch at Chapters and we both ended up getting one for ourselves. I “drew” a heart on my cross stitched Etch A Sketch and used gold sparkly thread for the “SKETCH” word.

See more in the #crossstitchchallenge: HERE


New #crossstitchchallenge!

I have started a new cross stitch challenge, and my goal is 100 new designs!

Here is 1/100: Hi!


Thought I’ll do a little intro. Hello there! My name is Melanie and I grew up in Singapore but now call Canada my home. I have been sewing for almost 20 years of my life, I started when I was 8 and I haven’t looked back since. When I first started out, I had a lot of guidance from my mum. She would give me little cross stitching projects and that was how I mostly spent my holidays. Cross stitching was a past time I never got bored of.

The previous cross stitch challenge I did had a lot of positive feedback and I would love to continue with it. I might even turn some of the designs into accessories for sale on my shop.